Hello. I’m Jenny Herald.

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about me

I’m looking for a new role as a CPO, COO or similar operations role. I am located in Berlin and am remote friendly.

I am a values-centered, principles driven, and disciplined leader who has a unique background in military, management consulting, enterprise and startup experience.

areas of interest

  • Product, operations, a culture of collaboration, and shipping things of value
  • Mentoring and coaching of managers and leads
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Developing a work culture that supports teams and individuals to perform at their best
  • Complex organizational change

recent work

  • CPO/COO: restructured, lead and managed a product team of nearly 40 people
  • Finance and BI analyst turned leader, manager and team builder involved with pre- and post-acquisition operations
  • Product- and business-focus with an operations angle
  • Executive, leadership and startup mentor
  • Startup advisor

ideal role

I’m looking to join a growth stage B2B or B2C company (1-10+ MM ARR, Series A or post-Series A, and beyond) who delivers meaningful and useful product(s) to the market and where I can help grow and scale the product and/or teams to the next level.

contact me

Hit me up @twojing

Email me at twojing@me.com

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