Here you’ll find all the books I’ve reviewed.

Neanderthal Seeks Human

A Smart Romance
Knitting in the City Series
Book 1
by Penny Reid


This is the first installment in the Knitting in the City series. This book made me join the Penny Reid fan club. I’m motivated to learn how to make websites, in part, so I can be on her list of people who receive ARCs.

My amazing friend, Jen Ritchey, shared these books with me. Come to think of it, she’s shared several books with me over the years—most of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. (The circles in our Venn diagram of well-liked to well-loved books overlap quite a bit.) And she’s taught me that anyone who wants to be on these precious ARC lists can do so fairly easily. It takes some work, but to me it’s well worth the effort. Thanks, Jen. Seriously. You’re the best.

People who know me know that I love romantic comedies and I love knitting. Simply put, this series is a marriage of the things I love.

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Elements of Chemistry

Hypothesis Series
Book 1
by Penny Reid


This is the first installment of three in the Elements of Chemistry series. Each book can be read alone.

Martin Sandeke is a “six-foot-three modern day physical manifestation of Hercules and captain of our university’s rowing team” and billion-dollar heir to Sandeke Telecom Systems. Kaitlyn Parker (known by all as Katy) is a book smart, socially awkward and unpretentious beauty who also comes from a notable family. Her mother is a US senator; her father was a dean of the college of medicine at UCLA; and her maternal grandfather was an astronaut.

To Katy, Martin is an “unrepentant manwhore extraordinaire and kind of a jerk-faced bully.” He also happens to be her year-long chemistry lab partner. Although she’s aware of his exploits, she is physically attracted to him.

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