Book Cover

Knitting in the City Series
Book 1
by Penny Reid

ISBN 978-0989281003

Caped Publishing
Published March 14, 2013


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Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance

This is the first installment in the Knitting in the City series. This book made me join the Penny Reid fan club. I’m motivated to learn how to make websites, in part, so I can be on her list of people who receive ARCs.

My amazing friend, Jen Ritchey, shared these books with me. Come to think of it, she’s shared several books with me over the years—most of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. (The circles in our Venn diagram of well-liked to well-loved books overlap quite a bit.) And she’s taught me that anyone who wants to be on these precious ARC lists can do so fairly easily. It takes some work, but to me it’s well worth the effort. Thanks, Jen. Seriously. You’re the best.

People who know me know that I love romantic comedies and I love knitting. Simply put, this series is a marriage of the things I love.

Okay. For real, this time. On to the review…

Welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of Janie Morris and Quinn Sullivan. This book had me in stitches. At times I squirmed. I squinted. I squealed. It was delightful.

I feel like a lot of romcom or chicklit heroines are one dimension or two dimensional at best. Janie is totally three dimensional. Though obviously fictional, she’s a character I would like to meet in real life. I wish we were besties. That’s a first for me.

We meet Janie in a bathroom, recalling a conversation she had with her ex-boyfriend. Janie found a condom wrapper in the back pocket of his jeans while sorting laundry. Upon this revelation, she confronted him saying:

I mean, really, who does that Jon? Who thinks, I’m going to cheat on my girlfriend, but I’ve got too much of a social conscience to leave my condom wrapper on the floor—heaven forbid I litter.

And that’s when I knew—in reading those few lines, I knew I would like this girl.

We find out shortly after her company bathroom freak out that she’s had eyes for a certain security guard in her building whom she and her friend, Elizabeth, have affectionately referred to as Sir Handsome McHotpants. Sir Handsome McHotpants whisks her out of her building after she gets word from her boss that her job had been downsized. No boyfriend, no home (she lived with her aforementioned ex) and no job. She’s had, as she puts it, the ‘Worst. Day. Ever.’

Do not fear, dear soon-to-be-reader; all is not lost. All of the things she’s lost are later found.

Bonus: Janie has the most amazing friends. Her lovely knitting group ladies are charming and surprisingly relatable. I want to be in her knitting group and be friends with all her knitter friends! Reading about their knitting sessions was just as much fun as reading about Janie and Quinn’s zany romance. How is that even possible? Well played, Penny. Well played.

This story is quirky, fresh, sexy and all kinds of smart. Knitter or not, trust me on this, you should read this book.